Memories !!

28 01 2010

I went to My Home town BHAVNAGAR as on occasion of my friend’s marriage. We left Bhavnagar 7 years ago and hardly get time to visit the city where I’d spent 17 years.

City is changed and now wearing modern clothes. Now there are Mega Malls,Multiplex,New Towering buildings and many more.
There are 4 new Bungalows right on the ground where we used to play cricket and also arranging night Tournaments with Plastic Balls.
Swaminarayana Gurukul, I studied there from 3-10 standard very known Boys’ School now the School is totally renovated and 2-3 new buildings are raised.
Chinese Point,Ā  Avakar, Atithi, Satkar are new luxury Restaurants.
Due to lack of time i missed many other places but it was really a memorable visit.

Missing Bhavnagar and my old friends very much!



Rude Raj Thackeray !!

22 01 2010

Now Taxi Drivers are on target by MNS.

What the hell he is doing!!

Raj Thackeray is really Rude and on other hand Shivsena Sucks!!



22 01 2010

Always whenever there is any thing related to India-Pakistan come to news it becomes burning Question and debate for people.

Recently No one Buy Pakistan Cricketer in IPL snub auction and Pakistani Cricketer get angry even they are forcing Pakistan Hockey team to do not play Hockey WorldCup in India. Whatever this is but this is not fair demand you can check out this POST from My Friend Mayur Pathak, He has posted good Comments on Pakistani Players.

Whenever there is any match between India and Pakistan it is worth like WAR. People are more interested in India-Pakistan match as compare to other matches. And if it is WorldCup then if India lost match against Kenya or any other weak them then they have no that much anger but if India lost match against Pakistan then there is hot situation which is very difficult to handle.

I know this passion makes cricket much interesting but its not good that you take Sport Match as a War and everytimes thinking of Revenge!.

Lets See what happens tomorrow in Under-19 World Cup as there is Quarter Final between India-Pakistan .

India lost only one match against England in Group Match.

Come on Boys “Chak de India” and Bring the World cup again.


Training Of Thepla !

20 01 2010

Yesterday My Mom was suffering from back pain so i had decided that i will make Thepla. So it was the first time i am going to cook for my family šŸ™‚


Thepla Frying

It was really amazing Experience as first i thought if i don’t take enough care then Thepla will converted into Coal šŸ˜› but fortunately Under the guidance of my mom i completed the Training of Thepla and now i am trying to be expert in Thepla.

PS:-Thepla is very Popular item from Gujarat some what relates with Roti.( Sorry i can’t give its perfect definition)


Congrates Sach!nĀ !!

18 01 2010

Yesterday Sachin Completed 13,000 Runs and today he just scored 44th Test Century. Now only Punter(Ponting) is the only man who can reach to the limit set by Sachin as India is playing only two test matches in this year so it might be possible that Ponting will break the record of 44 Test Century!

Congratulations to Sachin!!

What do you think Will Ricky Ponting break Sachin’s Record?


Happy Birthday to My PC!

16 01 2010

On this Makar Sankrat My PC has completed 3 years and now i am planing to update its RAM to 1 GB/2 GB. and HDD to 180 GB.

Now its time for the review of Kite Flying Day!

… and it was also full with accident i saw one kid fall from 2nd floor who is running behind kite, one Bike Rider going on full speed lost his ear cause of thread. I also saw many people using CHINA thread although government had banned it. šŸ˜¦ ( Who cares? )

And the day after Sankrat.. Vaasi Utarayan and also Solar Eclips.. Have you seen it? “oh then you must going to lost your eyes” This was the Free advise from our neighbour Daadi.


Happy Kite Fly Day!!

13 01 2010

Wishing you all readers Happy Kite Fly Day.

Be carefull while you are on teress and specially give attention on child.



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