Tirangaa !!

27 12 2009

I was passing through road, i saw a crowd near to PAANWALA’S SHOPE. So i was curious to know that what actually happening here. Normally you observe such a crowd near to Paanwala if there is an interesting Cricket match or any super hit old is gold movie playing on TV.

This i came near to crowd and asked to one guy..“Score Kya Hua?”

He replied: “Match cancel ho gayi hai aur abhi TIRANGAA chal rahi hai”

and i become the part of crowd to watch some glimps of the super duper hit and evergreen movie TIRANGAA.

GendaSwami, Brigediar SuryadevSinh(Raj Kumar), Vagale (Nana Patekar) and their favourite lines..

“….Aur rahi baat Vaghale ki..Voh to hamare sath hi hai” (I can’t write in Jaani’s voice so you please read this in Rajkumar’s voice 😉 )

“Abhi to tumne hamara rumaal liya hai, Agar Pipe lete to…”

“yaad hai mene tuje bola tha ek din ye 1500 ki naukari karnevala tuje 150 ka kafan pahenayenga”

“Maratha marta  hai ya maarata hai”



Have you seen this movie? Isn’t it Superhit? 😉



Sabse Favourite Koun? !!

26 12 2009

Top-10 Clicks from my Blog in Year 2009

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Blog Updates Via SMS !!

26 12 2009

Dear Friends,

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PS: I’d tested, its working fine you can join now.


Exciting Exam !!

26 12 2009

I think South Gujarat University exams and India’s Cricket both are same, You can’t predict when SGU gonna take exam and when India win the match..

Thank you SGU for taking exam on time after almost THREE years!!

Finally I’m free from late night reading and tension.

Here is something Common Conversation  during exams:

” Hey, is there any IMP? “

” Isbar paper Kisne Set kiya hai?”

” Tu Section 1 Karle, Main section 2 Karke ata hun”

” Ye Question 3 ke Examples tere ko aate hai kya?”

” Chalo Boss paper leak ho gaya hai” ( Mostly Students waiting for this line 😉 )

Just One more 8th Semester exams and after that No more Uni Exams. 😀


Photoshop-3 !!

25 12 2009

Click here for Large View

This time i create a banner for Good Gaurav’s Blog. Please share your Comments.

Some small art.


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