Memories !!

28 01 2010

I went to My Home town BHAVNAGAR as on occasion of my friend’s marriage. We left Bhavnagar 7 years ago and hardly get time to visit the city where I’d spent 17 years.

City is changed and now wearing modern clothes. Now there are Mega Malls,Multiplex,New Towering buildings and many more.
There are 4 new Bungalows right on the ground where we used to play cricket and also arranging night Tournaments with Plastic Balls.
Swaminarayana Gurukul, I studied there from 3-10 standard very known Boys’ School now the School is totally renovated and 2-3 new buildings are raised.
Chinese Point,Β  Avakar, Atithi, Satkar are new luxury Restaurants.
Due to lack of time i missed many other places but it was really a memorable visit.

Missing Bhavnagar and my old friends very much!





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29 01 2010

The Power of Nostalgia πŸ™‚

30 01 2010

Superb Blog Madhav

2 02 2010

It feels very nostalgic is it not? Even I get similar feelings when I go to my home town

7 02 2010

Yes it is Mayurbhai.

3 02 2010
Dharmang Andhariya

True, Bhavnagar is also switching towards what we can call a mega-city, I also miss the long history attached to it.

3 02 2010
Dharmang Andhariya

PS : humble request, can u make ur whole post available in RSS, so i can check it in RSS Reader like google reader, thanks πŸ™‚

7 02 2010

Ok i will do that.

4 02 2010

Do you know loong back when my dad even was not existing my grandmother ‘s MAMA was living their village name ” Bhavnagar pura” .!! I dont know more.. But I know Bhavnagar matlab raat na khawana pachi paan center par jawanujaj!!

7 02 2010

Yeah Bhai It may be BHAVNAGAR PARA one part of Bhavnagar and yes Paan is very Popular. do you want one? πŸ˜‰

8 02 2010

we get “paan ” here in KSA but I dont eat usually becoz it make my mouth red!!

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