#WillYouShave ? Have a look at my experiance and say !

30 11 2014

During college days and sometimes even after that we used to underestimate our look and never give that much attention to our beard.

Here I would like to share one indecent that happened with me during my college days.

There was holiday before our 7th sem exam and I used to stay at my collage location instead of home so I can make good preparation for exam with my room-mates and during that time there is no body who points you to wake-up at the time get breakfast,lunch and dinner at time and of-course there is no mom who pushes me for the shaving.

We used to call our group “Baava Group”  because of long beard almost 2-2.5 weeks of no shaving.

Few days before exam I got a call from our faculty and they called me to the college for some urgent work so I went to college and I see there are almost 15-20 students from all the branch were there and my faculty was explaining the reason why they called us to the college and said that we all 15-20 students were the top performer during the Seminar we give during middle of 7th semester and they want us to visit the tech-fest at IIT-K and I was one of the best from EC branch so it was great opportunity to represent college there.

Once my faculty finish the speech he called all of us one by one and asked to give a short speed about our topic and submit our presentation next day. After that they are going to finalize 5 students who is going to get chance to visit IIT-K.

After we all finish the demo presentation and that too without much preparation there was the result time and my name was not there in list. I thought I might not have given my best and I was OK with the faculty team decision.

But, I realize the importance of shaving at the time when I left college and came back to room I got from my faculty who was also my guide during my final semester. He told me just because of your look (yeah long baava beard) all faculty team gave me less points and I lost that chance.

I learnt one lesson at that time is never underestimate your face and shaving only takes few mins then why can’t you spare that few mins at regular time interval?

Also let me share my current shaving weapon:-

My Current Shaving Weapon !

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Skyscanner – Your one stop solution !!

26 07 2014

The Summit Dublin is quite in NEWS and really a nice event every tech entrepreneur.  And they are supporting start-ups it is really great chance to meet some great guys. But as a start-up there is big question about budget. And another BIG question is how to arrange everything within the budget? There is single ANSWER for all questions go to Skyscanner and choose Flight, Hotel, Car and select the best to your budget without opening too many tabs. 😀

Another advantage using skyscanner is  it checks for all the service provider in background so we need not to go and visit every service provider.

So, here is how I can plan a Trip to Dublin for The Summit.

India to Dublin


Choose the date and place you want to visit and skyscanner will look out all the possible flight direct as well as indirect and it will list down you the availability also. Choose the best suitable flight. Here I found one from Ahmedabad and price is 52,447/- (Return ticket included)That is amazing isn’t it?

You just choose the flight and it will redirect you the provider. Like I got this offer via airtickets. So sometime it can also get some amazing offer from the website you never herd about. 🙂



On the Summit website they are saying almost every hotel is packed but you know still I got some great offer and hotel in budget via skyscanner.  They have some really nice options to choose like near by so that will make you comfortable to travel the nearby places. For 4 nights offer is 29,409/-



To visit The Summit and some other nice places in Dublin. Skyscanner also has option to book the best car service. Select your pickup point and it will come up with options and you go with your budget car. I got offer for 1920/- (Volkswagen POLO)



So total it will be around 52,447 + 29,409 + 1920 = 83776/- Wow never thought about this. So no need to go here and there asking for which is best website to book flights, hotels and taxi just go to http://www.skyscanner.com and book all things within your budget.

Keep Calm

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26 07 2014

Review coming soon



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