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26 07 2014

The Summit Dublin is quite in NEWS and really a nice event every tech entrepreneur.  And they are supporting start-ups it is really great chance to meet some great guys. But as a start-up there is big question about budget. And another BIG question is how to arrange everything within the budget? There is single ANSWER for all questions go to Skyscanner and choose Flight, Hotel, Car and select the best to your budget without opening too many tabs. 😀

Another advantage using skyscanner is  it checks for all the service provider in background so we need not to go and visit every service provider.

So, here is how I can plan a Trip to Dublin for The Summit.

India to Dublin


Choose the date and place you want to visit and skyscanner will look out all the possible flight direct as well as indirect and it will list down you the availability also. Choose the best suitable flight. Here I found one from Ahmedabad and price is 52,447/- (Return ticket included)That is amazing isn’t it?

You just choose the flight and it will redirect you the provider. Like I got this offer via airtickets. So sometime it can also get some amazing offer from the website you never herd about. 🙂



On the Summit website they are saying almost every hotel is packed but you know still I got some great offer and hotel in budget via skyscanner.  They have some really nice options to choose like near by so that will make you comfortable to travel the nearby places. For 4 nights offer is 29,409/-



To visit The Summit and some other nice places in Dublin. Skyscanner also has option to book the best car service. Select your pickup point and it will come up with options and you go with your budget car. I got offer for 1920/- (Volkswagen POLO)



So total it will be around 52,447 + 29,409 + 1920 = 83776/- Wow never thought about this. So no need to go here and there asking for which is best website to book flights, hotels and taxi just go to and book all things within your budget.

Keep Calm

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26 07 2014

Review coming soon



WTB – #WhatTheBlack | Black Magic !!

21 07 2014

No, This post is not on “Kaala Jaadu” or “Vashikaran”. 😉

This post is all about the black things that luring me and in my wishlist.

1) Nike FuelBand

Nike FuelBand

I put up some weight  in last two year and last year there were a flop try to reduce weight. Last year I did multiple running but that was not worth. I am using Nike running android app and if I wish I can get this Black Nike FuelBand which can be a nice motivation and handy tool to check how much calorie burn.

2) Scorpio Black Color

Scorpio Image Courtesy:-

Image Courtesy:-

Black Scorpio is my dream car. I saw it very first time when some of my relative visit my village and I am very impressed by the Sporty look. Now a days there are many more SUV coming up with stylish design but still there is nobody is there as Scorpio still as my dream car. Now a days new model are coming up with Black and Gray.  I know it’s a long way but Scorpio I am coming to Mahindra show room for you soon. 🙂

3) iPad


A beauty from Apple. Main reason behind iPad is I want some device with iOS so that I can do some development/testing of hardware with iOS. I am also not getting that much chance to go theater and watch movie. iPad can be the best gadget for all social networking purpose, Movie, Gaming and above all some hardware interface with iPad.

4)3D printer

3D printer

3D printer market is booming like never before. Every few weeks there is a new project on Kickstarter coming up with some modification in design and functionality in 3D printer. A Black Boy from Zortrox is in my wishlist it’s model number is M200. 3D printer really makes things easy for you when you are planning to design some enclosure for product or want to check how accurate your design is. You can’t imagine what this 3D printer can print for you ! Almost anything.

5) Beaglebone Black


BeagleBone Black – Yes this small circuit kind of PCB is BeagleBone Black. This thing might not make sense to many of you but if you are aware of ‘IoT’ buzz then you might be know about this board. Along with Raspberry Pi and other SBC BeagleBone Black is also a very good handy tool for the developer you can load your embedded OS on this board and make your own small computer. Here is the list of the project developed on BeagleBone Black – Click Here

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Who ‘ZEST’ Up My Life ?

20 07 2014

We are surrounded with lot of things, works and people but there are few things, events and persons who zest-up your life and that becomes the reason to cherish life. Today I am going to list down those all zest-up in my life

1) Cheshta

After almost 15 years there is a small little baby in our family as my sister blessed with a baby girl and you can’t believe now almost everyone in my family acting and talking like baby. I am also spending a lot time with her no doubt she is just one month old so need to take a lot care. Cheshta (Yeah Cheshta is her name) is the biggest zest-up not only in my life but for whole family.

Here is her first picture to internet world. Now my morning alarm is “Subah ho gayi mamu”



2) Trip to my village

Village has it’s own environment and charm. And it adds a lot of joy to my life when I visit my home in village, my grand parents and our farm. I usually avoid to visit village in summer as it heats-up too much and it is not easy to spend a 2-3 week there. Monsoon makes our village an awesome place. Now a days we are not getting much chance to visit village but I am planning to visit this year and get a nice break from work. Yeah I have planned to implement few things so my GrandPa can get some technology and make farm better. 🙂

Every morning stories about older days are amazing with some neighbour Dada.

Here are some pics from my last visit.






Rest Room :P

Rest Room 😛

Neighbour !

Neighbour !

Neighbour !

Neighbour !

3) Electronics/Coding

Yeah Electronics and coding not only my business and work but that also zest-ups my life as I like to mess up with electronics things and love to make the things better for the world. Some people might think this thing as a boring as it is daily routine for the electronics engineers but I used to work on few things that actually brings a new knowledge to me and inspires me think for the way so that makes the world better.

Here are some tools/PCBs on which I work/worked.


4) Cricket

“Always Cricket First” I am a crazy cricket fan like most of Indian and following it hardly. Yeah I agree that it was cricket worldcup who ruined my % as there were exams right next day but I don’t care and don’t bother as it makes me mad. I still remember those old college days where we have world cup match everyday. 😉

Ready for fielding job?


Ketan Chavda - Our Rahul Dravid !

Ketan Chavda – Our Rahul Dravid !

Match is ON

Match is ON

5) Movie

Movie is a very good time pass in my life. I don’t care about hollywood/bollywood but yeah I like to watch hollywood movies mostly. Now a days I used to watch dubbed South Indian movie on television. I remember my college days when we used to watch 3-4 movies in a row.

Some of my favourites movie that I don’t mind watching multiple times are Braveheart, Vivah, Sholey.

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