Dravid’s Speech at at the Bradman Oration in Canberra !!

15 12 2011

Rahul Dravid

I can’t stop myself from posting this Speech, Must read if you are Cricket Crazy !!


For Texts and Audio of this Speech Click Here






Stumpy – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 mascot !!

23 11 2010

Stumpy, Source:- Yahoo Cricket.

Cricket fans are really waiting for the World Cup 2011.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 mascot is called Stumpy.

The mascot, an elephant, has been named ‘Stumpy’ after an online selection process that drew proposals from thousands of cricket fans around the world.

Stumpy has a number of key characteristics. They are he is:

  • Young, enthusiastic and determined
  • Thinks cricket is the most fun game in the world
  • Loves playing street cricket – would play 24/7 if he could
  • Worships cricket heroes, their technique, skill and character
  • Understands there is a lot to learn, works hard at it, step by step
  • Learning to master the art of concentration
  • Dreams of playing in the World Cup…one day
  • Age: 10 (human years)

Whats Your comments on this Mascot?





Rare Roar of Lion !!

14 10 2010

After winning second test match against Australia, India clinch the series win by 2-0 it was the white-wash for Aussey and victory after 15 years on Chinnaswamy Stadium.

After winning the match there was something different mood for Sachin, Normally he is very quite after winning match or scoring 50/100 but this time he was very happy and here is the Rare Roar from the Lion of Cricket. When i saw this moment on TV i thought that tomorrow many of the newspaper will publish this photo of Sachin but i thought why not i? And here it is.


Source: Cricinfo


Punter after losing his 14th Test game as a Captain.


Source: Cricinfo


Naughty Naughty Kya Match aayi.


Source: Cricinfo






Ram-Laxman !!

6 10 2010

Today i read this Status, it was updated by my friend Jitu on FaceBook.

While most Indians are busy in knowing WHERE RAM WAS BORN,

The Australian Team is wondering WHY LAXMAN BORN..!!





Happy 64th Independence Day !!

15 08 2010

Today i’m in Bhavnagar so i am Celebrating Independence Day and give a Salute to “Tricolor” here at my school “Shree Swaminarayana Gurukul, Sardarnagar”. Where i learn the lesson of patriotism and  after 9 years i get chance to attend Independence Day Ceremony at School and remind my school days and a Special parade on Independence and Republic Day.

Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he
Tava shubha name jage,
Tava shubha asisa mage,
Gahe tava jaya gatha,
Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he!

Happy Independence Day!


Salute to Sachin !!

28 02 2010

Salute to Sachin……..

………as he Score 200* in 2nd ODI against South Africa and breaks the record of individual highest score of 194.

Runs: 200 Not Out

Balls: 147

Fours: 25

Sixes: 3

and specially beacause ICC announced that Sachin’s birthday 24th April is now going to be celebrated as a “World Cricket Day”. Sachin and Indian Cricket Fans this is the time to feel proud and celebrated.
Cheers Sachin and All Cricket Fans!!



22 01 2010

Always whenever there is any thing related to India-Pakistan come to news it becomes burning Question and debate for people.

Recently No one Buy Pakistan Cricketer in IPL snub auction and Pakistani Cricketer get angry even they are forcing Pakistan Hockey team to do not play Hockey WorldCup in India. Whatever this is but this is not fair demand you can check out this POST from My Friend Mayur Pathak, He has posted good Comments on Pakistani Players.

Whenever there is any match between India and Pakistan it is worth like WAR. People are more interested in India-Pakistan match as compare to other matches. And if it is WorldCup then if India lost match against Kenya or any other weak them then they have no that much anger but if India lost match against Pakistan then there is hot situation which is very difficult to handle.

I know this passion makes cricket much interesting but its not good that you take Sport Match as a War and everytimes thinking of Revenge!.

Lets See what happens tomorrow in Under-19 World Cup as there is Quarter Final between India-Pakistan .

India lost only one match against England in Group Match.

Come on Boys “Chak de India” and Bring the World cup again.


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