Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol !!

22 12 2011


Mission Impossible-IV Ghost Protocol one of the most awaited movie of 2011.

🙂 🙂

N O  P L A N .  N O  B A C K U P .  N O  C H O I C E

Mission Impossible-4, Tom Cruise,Burj Khalifa,Anil Kapoor ALL IN ONE enough to make movie most awaiting.

This time not going to write about the movie story as its widely available on internet and its better that if you really want to read.

I wonder why Tom Cruise is not going to make remake of Running Man as i saw in most of his film he is running every-time after goons and agents like Collateral, MI-2, MI-3 and also in this Ghost Protocol. 😉

India traffic scene in this movie shows that why Hollywood movies are not going to shoot in India as there is no chance for Hero to get a Car chase. 😀

After seeing Tom Cruise’s Daud(Sanjay Datt Vala nahi) in this movie :- “TOM ko pakadana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai” 😛

Oh ! yeah i totally forgot,When Anil Kapoor asks to Paula :- “Kaisa Laga Mera Style”;)

She should reply:- “Jakkaas” 😛

Mumbaikar, Where is such Car-Parking? *Thinking* And in last scene where Agent Brandt goes to lift there is sign board in some south indian language *Eek* Shooting Mumbai ka hai ya Chennai ka. 😛

PS:- Because of lazyness this post spent their 3 days in Draft although its ready to publish. 😦

PS2:- Want to read one more interesting review of same movie? Visit MayurPathak’s Review It’s better than mine. 😀


Munni Vs Sheela !!

2 12 2010

Again i found this very funny photo on facebook. This picture shows the image of MUNNI and SHIELA from the two very famous item number.

There are comparison between Munni and Shiela. It looks like an answer written by some genius in exam.





Movie:- The Day The Earth Still Stood !!

26 09 2010

Keanu Reeves i used call him Neo after Matrix, One more superb movie by him.

Movie Plot was like Aliens come to the Earth to save it from the humans, they collect the species of animals and want to make earth clean and natural, It is must watch movie nothing more i can say.

Have a look at this slogan also:- Slogan Time!!





Waiting For “2012” !!

13 10 2009

This is nothing like vision-2012 ;), this is the most awaited Hollywood movie 2012. I saw its trailer on youtube and now waiting for its release in theater.

Have a look at this trailer. 🙂


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