15000 and 199 !!

4 12 2010

15000, Image by 15000inc.com

Madhav’s Magic blog has crossed 15K visitors and yesterday was another memorable day as it was the Busiest day on my blog because there are total 199* (Not out) hits in one day.

I want to say thanks to all my readers for their great support.


માધવ ના મેજિક બ્લોગ પર મુલાકાતીઓ નો આંકડો ૧૫૦૦૦ થી વધારે થઇ ચુક્યો છે અને ગઈકાલ નો દિવસ વળી બીજો એક યાદગાર દિવસ બની રહ્યો કેમ કે ગઈકાલે એક જ દિવસ માં ૧૯૯ હિટ્સ મળી.

તો આજે હું મારા તમામ વાંચકો નો આભાર માનું છું કે  તેઓ મારા બ્લોગ પર આવ્યા..બસ આવી રીતે મુલાકાત લેતા રેહશો. ગુજરાતી માં લખવા નું શરુ કર્યા ને હજી થોડો જ સમય થયો છે તો અપના સલાહ સુચન  આવકાર્ય છે જેનાથી હું બ્લોગ ને વધારે સરસ બનાવી શકું.






1st Birthday for Blog !!

2 07 2010

First of all i want to say Thanks to all those my friends who are visiting my blog and giving their valuable suggestions to improve the blog.

Well one year ago i had created this blog at that time i was not sure that i will be active on blog will do posting on regular base but after reading some blogs specially Mayur Pathak and The Nonsense Blog i think let me try something i know that i can’t write as good as them so to improve and share the things what i like with my friends i had started posting and the first post was on 2nd July 2009 First Post

And after that i had updated this blog at my best level and today this blog is also crossed the 9500 visitor also and on this occasion i also want to say thanks to my those friends who had added my blog link to their blogroll.


Blog Updates Via SMS !!

26 12 2009

Dear Friends,

Do you want the Updates of this blog directly to your Mobile via SMS?

Just do one thing Send SMS JOIN MADHAVBLOG to 09870807070 or visit this link and subscribe.

PS: I’d tested, its working fine you can join now.


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