Real Steel !!

12 10 2011

Like my this blog post after a long time we get a chance to watch a movie in a small cinema “Rajshree”. All Oldie cinema are being converted into Multiplex. Number of Multiplexes in a city are going to increased, also their tickets ;).

I come to know about this movie when i was with Mayur Pathak for “Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster” in INOX, and after that i was really waiting for the HUGH JACKMAN in Real Steel.

When we reached to cinema there was quite an interesting debate was running regarding HUGH JACKMAN, Some people are saying that, He is the Hero from X-Man and some are saying that He is from Iron Man. I thought let me interface in this so i pour my view and told them that he is Hero from movie” Sherlock Holmes” now matter becomes more complicated for them ;).

FYI:- He is HUGH JACKMAN from  X-Man. 😀

Well if we talked about movie its a one more action film by Jackman and story is running in future may be 2020.

Charlie(Jackman) is  playing a former boxer character and as they are in 2020 all the Boxers are replaced by Robots and Charlie is struggling to win a single game with his robot but he is not getting success until Charlie meets his son and spend some time with him and in that time they found one Old Generation ROBOT they called GEN-2 BOT. After that they take part in Boxing Contest together and finally Charlie and his ROBO gets some fame.

Story is very catchy and specially Dakota Goyo plays a character of  Max, Charlie’s Son makes this movie interesting by his dance with Atom(GEN2 BOT). As movie is full with action and Heavy ROBOT Fighting i think its a must watch movie totally Paisa Vasool(40 Rupee).

In the End Here is one more Poster from same movie



Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen!!

12 07 2009

Here is my first movie review and I want to share my opinion regarding this movie with you.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is the sequel movie.

Don’t know by which movie the sequel concept start but this a quite good way to get the publicity and public for the movie on base of first movie.

Many times sequel movie disappoints audience, but no worry you will not disappointed by this Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. 😉

Movie full with fight, Alien, Robots, cars, Action, comedy 😛 , Historical places, US army, Rockets, Bombs, Guns etc keeps you in seat.

My Rate: 4/5

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