FIFA-2010 Champion?Ā !!

4 07 2010



FIFA-2010: Bye Bye Brazil & Argentina !!

4 07 2010

After Brazil now Argentina is also out of FIFA-2010. I was really shocked when Holland beat Brazil by 2-1. Brazilian are at their best in passing ball and defending in first half even Robinho shot a GOALLL at 10th minute it was an excellent show from Brazil side but in second half don’t know what happened!!, Own Goal from Melo and after that RED CARD… Brazil finished.!

And next day its time for Argentina and Maradona. šŸ˜¦

As Brazil and Argentina is not in this world Cup more we missed Robinho and Kaka’s Passing, Micon’s Rocket Kick, also Fabiano,Juan,Messi, and Many more.

Yet the show is not over still there are some players to watch out from my point of view and i like the game from Villa,Muller and Klose.


Brazil vs PortugalĀ !!

25 06 2010

We are going to left office within 5 minutes because today Brazil is going to take on Portugal and this is the most awaited match in FIFA-2010.

Our room is supporting Brazil and there is only one guy my friend Rakesh he is die-hard fan ofĀ  C. Ronaldo so he is with Portugal. He says this is the game between KAKA vs RONALDO. šŸ˜‰

Come-on Brazil you are the champion!!


FIFA-2010 Advertising GirlsĀ !!

20 06 2010

FIFA is rocking all the around the world and it should be a great platform to advertise the project one of its example is there are some girls are advertising beer cup during the game and management come to know about that so they forced them and get them out from the stadium.

Argentina is now on way after winning match by 4 Goals…

there are some upsetsĀ  and Portugal,France have disappointing performance in this world cup, according to me BRAZIL and ARGENTINA are the favorite teams.


Football FeverĀ !!

12 06 2010

FIFA 2010 is now on way and again Football Fever is at top in India. Although i am not that much crazy for football but my interest in football is in beginner level. I’m not that much familier with football players but although its very exciting to see them playing.

Yesterday, both match results into draw , Actually i missed the chance to watch France’s match as our our cable operator is not broadcasting the sport channel. (Because of some money problem šŸ˜¦ )

Today my favourite team Argentina is going to start the FIFA battle againstĀ Nigeria. Maradona and Messi are with Argentina and thats the Plus point for that team.

Enjoy the Football Fever ! and Don’t miss the FIFA song Waving Flag and Waaka Waaka.


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