New Year Eve !!

2 01 2011

This post is all about our New Year’s Eve !

It was around 11.30 when we reach to room when most of the people are waiting for the new year celebration and then we had planned to arrange one show in our “Cinema Hall”.

Me and Sandip has started playing Chess after that. I rarely used to play chess and it was my first and last game for 2010 and as Sandip was hungry and he want to complete the dinner first I won that game. Wooohaa!!

PS:- That 50 Paisa Coin is “Pyada” 😉

First and Last Game of Mine in 2010 ! 🙂

Me and my Roommate Sandip was hungry and still we haven’t taken our dinner so at 11.50 we were ready for the dinner. “The Last Supper” of 2010 it was ! 😉

"The Last Supper" - 2010

After that we capture some pics as it was 1-1-11 and they are the very first photos of 2011 so memorable for whole year and many upcoming years. Here is one of them, My Roommate Sunny Khatri.


Sunny Khatri,Sunny

Sunny Khatri

There was loud noise of fireworks and DJs as the crazy people is enjoying their time and celebrating 2011. And on other side we had setup our Mini Cinema Hall and started movie “The Expendables”.


Our Cinema Hall. 😛


The Expendables

I was planning to write one separate post about this movie then i thought let me continue here. “The Expendables” is a multi-star Action pack movie and also Directed by Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts and Very Small appearance by Bruse Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger makes this movie more healthy. All these guys are heavy and body builder while Statham and Li leaves very smart impression. Statham is the most entertaining hero in this movie as there are some great stunts with Knife.

I have no more words to explain their stunts and actions but I’m sure that you will like this movie if you like the Action Movies, Stunts, Army,Guns and Bombs. Obviously because of such Action pack Star cast we have some more expectation but the direction is little-bit poor. I hop Stallone will learn a lot from this.

Jason Statham = “Paisa Vasool”

These was all about My New Year Eve ! 😛






ViT EC-2010 Batch !!

12 06 2010

This post is dedicated to all my batchmates and this is the group photo taken on the last day of engineering.

Valia Institute Of Technology,

Electronics and Communication Department,

Valia. Dist:-Bharuch,Gujarat-INDIA.

This picture is taken after Project viva and our HOD madam cut the cake and we had celebrated engineer’s day.

PS: This is the Group photo with our Faculty.

Click Here for Large View

Wishing you all the best for your bright future and miss you friends.

My Classmates:

Pithva Mehul,Kansagra Jasmin,Patel Nimesh,Patel Swapnil,Patel Sujit, Thaker Kalpit,Parmar Darshan,Patel Hiral,Kapdi Keval,Patel Pragnesh,Sherasia Gaurang,Parmar Hitesh,Basrani Paresh,Koshti Shivang,Shukla Reenav,Shaikh Uvesh,Zala Mahipat Sinh,Kadia Hardik,Vora Divyesh,Shastri Ronak,Shahu Bhadresh,Lad Chirag,Patel Viral,Patel Hiren,Rohit Ravi,Prajapati Hardik,Doshi Manini,Patel Bhavika,Shaikh Rubina,Joshi Apna,Sangdot Megha,Patel Palak,Dave Ruchik,Shaikh Azimali,Thakkar Paresh,Mahida Jaydeep, Solanky Ravi,Patel Ketan,Patel Ajit,Modi Paras,Kapadia Jacky,Pandit Mahesh,Gracen Jacob

Our Faculty:

Mrs. Anuradha Imdapur,Mr. Rahul Tulsiani,Mr.Yatin Chauhan,Mr.Himanshu Shah,Mr.Jaydev Jadeja,Miss.Krishna Patel,Miss.Jigisha Parmar,Mr.Maulik Modi,Mr.Ankur Modi,Mr.Haresh Rathod,Mrs.Varsha Mam,Mrs.Vaishali Chaudhary,Mr.Vipin Tiwary


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