New Year Eve !!

2 01 2011

This post is all about our New Year’s Eve !

It was around 11.30 when we reach to room when most of the people are waiting for the new year celebration and then we had planned to arrange one show in our “Cinema Hall”.

Me and Sandip has started playing Chess after that. I rarely used to play chess and it was my first and last game for 2010 and as Sandip was hungry and he want to complete the dinner first I won that game. Wooohaa!!

PS:- That 50 Paisa Coin is “Pyada” 😉

First and Last Game of Mine in 2010 ! 🙂

Me and my Roommate Sandip was hungry and still we haven’t taken our dinner so at 11.50 we were ready for the dinner. “The Last Supper” of 2010 it was ! 😉

"The Last Supper" - 2010

After that we capture some pics as it was 1-1-11 and they are the very first photos of 2011 so memorable for whole year and many upcoming years. Here is one of them, My Roommate Sunny Khatri.


Sunny Khatri,Sunny

Sunny Khatri

There was loud noise of fireworks and DJs as the crazy people is enjoying their time and celebrating 2011. And on other side we had setup our Mini Cinema Hall and started movie “The Expendables”.


Our Cinema Hall. 😛


The Expendables

I was planning to write one separate post about this movie then i thought let me continue here. “The Expendables” is a multi-star Action pack movie and also Directed by Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts and Very Small appearance by Bruse Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger makes this movie more healthy. All these guys are heavy and body builder while Statham and Li leaves very smart impression. Statham is the most entertaining hero in this movie as there are some great stunts with Knife.

I have no more words to explain their stunts and actions but I’m sure that you will like this movie if you like the Action Movies, Stunts, Army,Guns and Bombs. Obviously because of such Action pack Star cast we have some more expectation but the direction is little-bit poor. I hop Stallone will learn a lot from this.

Jason Statham = “Paisa Vasool”

These was all about My New Year Eve ! 😛






Best of 2010 From Madhav’s Magic Blog!!

1 01 2011

Bye 2010, Welcome 2011 !!

Its 1-1-11 today, the magic figure of 1 so I’m not going to miss this on Madhav’s Magic Blog.


Top-5 Blogs that get Maximum Clicks in 2010 from this Blog and these are my favorite Blogger too. 😛

  1. Nonsense Blog
  2. The Big K’s Superblog
  3. Mayur’s Blog
  4. Gaurav Bhorkar’s Blog
  5. Delhizen’s Blog

Top-5 Posts for 2010.

  1. Mera Mobile !! (I wonder that i get maximum visitors from this post :D)
  2. Use New Rupee Symbol With Keyboard !! (This post is helpful to many readers :))
  3. Munni vs Sheela (These two makes more than 350 hits for my blog :mrgreen:)
  4. {MR}Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani !! (Am i good reviewer? ;))
  5. Jor Ka Jhatka !! (I enjoyed this one very much)

Stats:- Total 97 Posts in Year 2010 and 199 Highest view on 3rd Dec.

Wish you all Have a Happy 2011.





Logo Design !!

12 12 2010

After a long time i am working on photoshop again and this time i have to design a logo for my company. The Product name was SMART-Link (GSM Modem) and here is the logo.


Comment please !





15000 and 199 !!

4 12 2010

15000, Image by

Madhav’s Magic blog has crossed 15K visitors and yesterday was another memorable day as it was the Busiest day on my blog because there are total 199* (Not out) hits in one day.

I want to say thanks to all my readers for their great support.


માધવ ના મેજિક બ્લોગ પર મુલાકાતીઓ નો આંકડો ૧૫૦૦૦ થી વધારે થઇ ચુક્યો છે અને ગઈકાલ નો દિવસ વળી બીજો એક યાદગાર દિવસ બની રહ્યો કેમ કે ગઈકાલે એક જ દિવસ માં ૧૯૯ હિટ્સ મળી.

તો આજે હું મારા તમામ વાંચકો નો આભાર માનું છું કે  તેઓ મારા બ્લોગ પર આવ્યા..બસ આવી રીતે મુલાકાત લેતા રેહશો. ગુજરાતી માં લખવા નું શરુ કર્યા ને હજી થોડો જ સમય થયો છે તો અપના સલાહ સુચન  આવકાર્ય છે જેનાથી હું બ્લોગ ને વધારે સરસ બનાવી શકું.





The “If…..then” Tag !!

28 11 2010

Tag time again,and i get this tag from my blogger friend Enigma.

Thanks Enigma for this tag. 🙂

Whenever there is an ‘if”, there’s definitely a ‘then’.
So here are my thens to some ifs.

If I were a month-
Then i would like to be  Obviously October, This is the month of my birthday have a look at the post given in the link you will get the answer why i want to like to be October as many of my friends are also sharing their birthday in October and  i would like to be with them. 😉

If I were a day of the week
Then I would be Sunday, Yes of course Sunday is the holiday and when i was in school i was used to go out with my friends for cycling and cycle race. I miss you cycle gang. 😦

If I were a time of day-
Then I’d be 11PM-12PM as this hour is very tough for me specially when there are exams on head i feel too much sleepy in this hour and it was like a War with “Nindiya Raani”.

If I were a season-
Then I would be Monsoon because all Farmers are waiting for this season including my GrandFather. And i will never disappoint them.

If I were a planet-
Then I would be the Earth, because Earth is one of the ‘Panch Mahabhut’.

If I were a sea animal-
Then I would be the Dolphin because Dolphins is the most friendly animal of the sea.

If I were a direction-
Then I would like to be North because Compass shows that direction and you can get all other directions if you know me. 😉

If I were a piece of furniture-
Then I would like to be Bed… Bus yaar aab aaraam karna hai !! 🙂

If I were a liquid-
Then I would be Water, in Gujarati જળ એજ જીવન છે ( Water is the Life).

If I were a tree-
Then I would be the Coconut Tree as i like to wonder at beach and never get chance and one more reason when i order Dosa or Uttapa then i eat 3-4 Small cup of Coconut Chatani.

If I were a tool-
Then I would be Debugger, i know how it is tough to work without debugger for an embedded engineer. 😉

If I were an element-
Then I’d be Platinum. As it has the highest cost and i like its shining too.

If I were a gemstone-
Then I’d be Diamond, Because my father is in diamond industry since he was 12 years old.

If I were a musical instrument-
Then I’d be the Harmonium.

If I were a color-
Then I’d be Blue, My favorite color and also i’m a big fan of ‘Man In Blue’ (Indian Cricket Team). And yes because ‘Blue” is the Biggest hathoda movie. 😉

If I were a emotion-
Then I’d be happiness no reason happiness is the satisfaction.

If I were a fruit-
Then I’d be a Mango, King of Fruit. I like Chikoo too.

If I were a sound-
Then I’d be Roar of Lion, Because when Lion roars for three times Tom and Jerry starts !! 😉

If I were a car-
Then I would be Scorpio, My Dream Car.

If I were a taste-
Then I’d be Sweet. So that people can say How sweet you are.. 😉

If I were a scent-
Then I’d be fragrance of Earth when first drops of rain touch her.

If I were a pair of shoes-
Then I’d be any Shoes from Woodland, as Woodland shoes have good quality.

If I were a bird-
Then I’d be an Eagle. पक्षिराज गरुड़ . 🙂

So its time to forward this tag, And i would like to tag some of my blogger friend Mayur Pathak, Bikram Mann, Sapana Katti, Nrupen and Cooltwin.

Guys Please take this tag.





Thursday Challenge: WEATHER !!

25 11 2010

Thursday Challenge –  “WEATHER” (Snow, Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Lightening, Rainbow, Tornado,…)


Our farm…





Back to Baroda !!

20 11 2010

Hello Friends,

After a Diwali Vacation and small tour with family i am back to work at Baroda. The time i spent with family at our village is really awesome and that 15 days are like i am in heaven now back  to Baroda in the daily routine again the same things there is nothing new here in this New Year ! 😦

There are lot of new posts from my favorite bloggers so i think i will try to read all these posts on this Sunday.





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