Dealaram: Customer is King in real Meaning

29 04 2011

Dealaram is the creation of my Friend Mayur Pathak,Prateek Verma and Manish Goyal. And here i want to give introduction about that E-Com Site.

This post is actually written by Prateek Verma. I request you to visit that site do the pre-registration and grab some extra points for the cool offers.

I also received one TEE from Dealaram i will post its photo very soon

Dealaram: An E-Com Revolution Let me introduce you to a whole new world of Discounts and Deals. Dealaram is a Deal Aggregation site, that will be coming up shortly. It is being developed by us (A few friends and I). Our vision is to provide the consumer with maximum available deals under one roof. Dealaram is a sight through which we aim to increase the shopping experience of the consumers by: Providing them more options under one roof Providing the best deals from all the av … Read More

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