Vacation Before Exam!!

12 07 2009

Hello Friends,

My Exams are near so i am on a Short vacation. 😉

Will be back after some days and share my memorable days right after Exam.

Have a nice day!!

See ya Guys



Pune Trip (Ikade Thambha!!)

12 07 2009

Listing Song: “Pyar ke Kagaz pe, Dil ki kalam se….paheli bar salam likha… Mene Khat mehbob ke Naam likha”

Well if you are thinking that what is this “ikade thambha”!! then let me know its “Stay here” in Marathi language. 😀

Well there is one quite funny story behind this topic.

After compilation of my Diploma there was a process to get admission in Degree (BE). There was no chance to get admission here in gujarat so I thought let me try to get admission in other states.

So me and my friend Paresh has decided to go Pune (Maharashtra) for the College inquiry.

That was the first time I had traveled out of my state. 😉

Next day we are in Pune. And our first college for inquiry was D.Y.Patil College of Engineering.

There was a queue for inquiry but we don’t know that so Paresh was away to collecting some other information regarding college and I have to collect the information regarding donation and college fees.

Let me tell you one more thing “I know no Marathi” 😀

When I was nearly to break the queue there was one watchman he shouts to me “ikade thambha”, but I know no marathi so I rush towards the counter he again shout and catch me bring me back and shouts again “ikade thambha” this time he was somewhat anger 😛 and now I come to know that he is asking me to stay here. LOL

And now a days this “ikade thambha” and “pudhe sarako” are very popular and we use this word very often. I learn these two words from my Pune trip. and i am looking forward to learn marathi.

Overall I like Pune too much. I like Pune people,nature and environment.

Waiting for next Pune trip….hop i will get enough time to enjoy Pune next time 🙂

Love you PUNE!


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen!!

12 07 2009

Here is my first movie review and I want to share my opinion regarding this movie with you.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is the sequel movie.

Don’t know by which movie the sequel concept start but this a quite good way to get the publicity and public for the movie on base of first movie.

Many times sequel movie disappoints audience, but no worry you will not disappointed by this Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. 😉

Movie full with fight, Alien, Robots, cars, Action, comedy 😛 , Historical places, US army, Rockets, Bombs, Guns etc keeps you in seat.

My Rate: 4/5

Friends have you seen this movie?

Yeah….. Then please give your rating.

Not yet? Hey then Press Alt+F4. Book your ticket!!

Hey hey where you run away don’t forget to come back and Give your rating here. 😉


Sharp Your Brain!!

11 07 2009

I received a mail from Riyaz Kesarani.

in that mail there is one link given and we have to passed all 23 Stages Step by step with the given clue.

i had cracked that Puzzle with the help of Riyaz, now here is the same Puzzle for you people. 🙂

Just click on this link below and use your common sense to navigate.

it has 23 pages one after the other, starting from this 1st page.

This trick is to find a way to go to the next page.If you can really go to the 23rd page you are a genius in your own respect 🙂

So Best of luck and keep clicking. 😀

PS: Be Honest try to solve by yourself only no Googling. 😛


Nikola Tesla!!

10 07 2009

Today world celebrating Birthday of  great Scientist Nikola Tesla.

Here is my Tribute to him.


Exam T-20!!

8 07 2009

i read this topic on Crazyengineers. The Poster was Safwaan.

I found this one very funny have a look on it. 😉

T-20 make Cricket very exciting and if the same format will be applied for the exam to make it interesting!!

there are some suggestions:

1. Reduce exam duration to 1 hr and marks to 50.

2. Introduce strategic break after 30 minutes.

3. Give free hit, that is a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers.

4. 1st 15 minutes power play, that is no invigilator in the exam hall.

5. Introduce fair play awards.

6.Cheer girls to cheer for every correct answer written!


ગુજરાતી !! Gujarati!!

4 07 2009

ગુજરાતી મા આ મારી પેલી પોસ્ટ છે. અને થોડા થોડા સમયાંતરે હુ ગુજરાતી મા પોસ્ટ મુક્વાનો છુ. આશા રાખુ છુ કે મારા ગુજરાતી મિત્રો ને મારો આ નવો બ્લોગ પસંદ પડશે.

શા માટે ગુજરાતી?

વારુ મિત્રો, હાલ મા અંગ્રેજી ભાષા નુ ચલણ અને મહ્ત્વ એટ્લુ બધુ વધી ગયુ છે અને વળી જમાનો વૈશ્વીકરણ નો છે એટ્લા માટે ધીમે ધીમે પ્રાદેશીક ભાષા પર એટ્લુ બધુ પ્રભુત્વ રેહતુ નથી અને સાથે સાથે ઉપયોગ પણ ઘટતો જાય છે. હુ એમ નથી કેહતો કે અંગ્રેજી ભાષા નો સાવ બહિષ્કાર કરવો જોઇએ આપણે પણ જમાના સાથે ચાલવા નુ છે…. ક્યાંક એવુ પણ ના બને કે આપણે “કુવા માંના દેડકા” જેવા રહી જઇએ.

મિત્રો તમારા સુચનો અને પ્રતિભાવો થી મને ટેકો આપતા રેહશો… હુ તેમનો ચોક્ક્સપણે અમલ કરવા પ્રયત્ન કરીશ…



Ghani Jagya par me Joyu chhe ke Gujarati Font na karne Site ne Vanchava ma Mushkeli pade che to upar ni j Post hu ahiya Angreji Gujarati ma lakhu chhu jethi tamane vanchava ma agavad pade to ahi pan vanchi shako..!! 😉

Mitro aa mari Gujarati ma Paheli Post chhe..ane thoda thoda samayantre hu gujarati ma post mukto rehvano chhu. Asha rakhu chhu ke mara Gujarati vachak mitro ne maro aa navo blog pasand padse.

Sha Mate Gujarati?

Vaaru mitro haal ma angreji bhasha nu mahatva ane chalan vadhi gayu chhe ane vali jamano vaishvikaran no che atle dhime dhime pradeshik bhasha par atlu prabhutva rehtu nathi ane sathe sathe upayog pan ghatato jay che. Hu em pan nathi kehto ke angreji bhasha no sav bahishkar kari devo joiye apane pan jamana sathe chalava nu che….kyak evu pan na bani jay ke apaane “Kuva mana Dedaka” jeva rahi jaiye.

Mitro tamara Pratibhavo ane suchano thi mane teko apata rehso…hu temno chokkaspane amal karva prayatna karish.


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