Nashik Trip !!

29 01 2011

Few days back i have to go Nashik for one Company project and it was only Third time i am out of Gujarat state so there was some excitement and some irritating as i had worked continuously on Saturday and Sunday and right after that traveling for whole night. 😦

There was in Nashik for Two days but didn’t get time to visit Nashik as our Room was in AMBAD MIDC and we have to work there. In those days Nashik was covered with SHIVSENA fever as there was Birthday of Shivsena Suprimo “Bal Thackeray” and there was banner at every corner and circle to wish him Happy Birthday.

Here are two Pics from that trip.


Happy Birthday “Bal”

Whats there written on Banner?


From Backseat of Bike






Save Tiger !!

13 02 2010

Now a days Some TIGERS are in news and becomes hot news too!

1) Tiger Woods: for his scandals.

2) Saif ( Junior Tiger): for Padma Shri Award although he has criminal Records.

3) Bal Thackeray: Targetting different celebries and making non-sense issues.

No matter whether you care or think for these tigers or not but the real Tigers are really in trouble and we supposed to do something to save them as very small numbers of Tigers are now alive.


No Tigers = No Forests = No clean Air & Water = No You & Me = No Blogging = That sucks man!

So Please Raise your Voice and Say


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