Happy Diwali and New Year !!

2 11 2010

Hello Friends,

I am not sure that i will get chance to post a new topic on this Diwali and New Year as i am planning to visit my village and Bhavnagar.

So in Advance….

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all me Friends.

Here is one New Year Greeting for you friends.


આવતી કાલે હુ મારા વતન (ભાવનગર) જવાનો છુ. તો કદાચ ત્યા મને દિવાળી અને નવા વર્ષ ની પોસ્ટ મુકવા મળે કે ના મળે..
મારા મિત્રો ને અત્યાર થી જ દિવાળી ની શુભકામનાઅને સાલ મુબારક કહુ છુ.

આવનારુ નવુ વર્ષ તમારા માટે લાભદાયી નિવડે એવી શુભેચ્છા.


Design:- Harshad Italiya








Count-Down Begins For Diwali !!

29 10 2010

Count-down begins for Diwali,

Yesterday i want to book one ticket from Surat to Bhavnagar for my uncle but it’s not possible because most of the people are going to their Home-town in this diwali. And the Rate is now Double !!

Clicked by:- Harshad Italiya

You will find the Buildings with Lighting Series and in Surat even Over-Bridge look awesome with colorful light.

Some Businessman are busy in the Accounting and Clearing. And rush in the market, malls shows that shopping is still going on !!.

After all Count-down begins for Diwali The Festival of Light. Wishing you Happy Diwali shopping.






No Fireworks this Diwali !!

14 10 2009

fireworks-no In this Diwali i request to all my friends that Please “Say NO to Fireworks.”

I know that Diwali is the festival of light but the use of Bombs, Rockets and many fireworks results into Noise polution, Air Polution and accidents. The number of accidents due to Rocket use in Diwali is not small.

There are so many examples that children got Deaf, Loss their Hands.

So Please Join me and Say NO to FIREWORKS”

I wish all my Friends (Readrs 😉 ) Have a Happy and Safe Diwali.


Obviously October!!

13 10 2009

Which is your favorite month?

For me its Obviously October.The month of festivals like Diwali, New Year, Bhai Bij and of course it is month of Birthday Celebrations as in October Gandhiji,Meet Raval,SS,Sandy,Ruby,Preci,Sweta,Shruti,Jignesh Thummar,Sagar,Me,Papa,Vijay Kuchara,Jatin,Sardar Patel celebrating their birthdays.;)

So enjoy Diwali Vacation and have a cheerful October!!


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