After and Before Break !!

1 05 2010

First of all i would like to say sorry to all my blog readers for a long break….

……actually i was busy with my final semester and project preparation and couldn’t get time and internet facility to write on this blog and finally i got time and internet to post on this blog.

I just saw the hit counter and it crossed 6K visitors thanks to all my readers for your great support.

Right now its 12.46AM and my last but not the least PL ( Preparation Leave ) is started.. it is for 16 days. as we have final 8th semester exams from 17th JUNE 2010. so not its the last stage after that i will be an engineer. 🙂 :happy:

As my all Engineer readers knows that we play ONEDAY in every exam and under pressure we give good performance, and the same situation is now here i am facing right now.

There are many pending topics that i want to put here on blog but due to lack of time i was not able to do that like i want to post a long topic on my project FINGERPRINT + SMARTCARD and IPL and SACHIN and many more but no problem i will do that one by one.

Once again sorry friends now i’m on small break and will be active after my exam till then Take care.



Forum- CrazyEngineers !!

14 02 2010

I am a Hard User of Forum Sites and also available on most of Forums.

That forums are mainly for software tips, General Chit-Chit or for Graphics but i see very few forum which are mainly started for Engineers and best of them are CrazyEngineers (CE).

I’d joined CE on 12th August 2008. When I’d joined CE i was common Engineer who was searching for ready projects and report and every spoon feed material, But after joining CE and being an active member I learn so many things and also learn that this spoon feed projects and reports are not proper way to be engineer.

Whats Special in CE?

CE has Engineers around 180 Countries.

A Very Sharp and Intelligent Minded CEans.

Different Sections for Different Engineering Streams, Debate, Entrepreneurship & Finance Sections, and Many more Sections.


What I get After Joining CE?

CE Povides An Award/Tag “CEan of the Month” May be I am not elligible to get Padma Shri Award but being active on CE i got the Tag “CEoM July’09” and this is worth like Padma Shri ;), Tee-Shirt and Quick Heal Antivirus for Free. Even you can get the tag and all these things if you thinks that you are one of the Crazy Engineers and have some Ability just show them on CE. If you thinks you have not such art then keep reading this post.

On CE i found so many CEans who may becomes inspiration for you. If i write from my side then

ASH : I found this guy very Genius and Sharp Minded you can call him Einstein.

THE_BIG_K: This guy is Administrator and Founder of CE.

Mayur Pathak: He is also a CEan. This Blog is an inspiration output from his and Big_K’s blog. ( Visit Their Blog from my BlogRoll )


Let me write some more about CE.

CE-LAB: This is the Most Powerful section of CE here  Ceans like Einstein, Edison, Newton  are post their Crazy Project ideas here that may be weird to other people but i promise there may be some new invention from CE-LAB to this world.

Small Talk: Have you ever think that you get chance to ask Questions to the Genius Engineers like Seth Godin, Allan Razdow, Dr Walfram, Mahesh Murti?

NO!! Then why are you waiting CE provides you platform to ask Questions.

Know Your CEan: What Happens when you enter your name in Google and hits Search?

CE provides you platform that you can show your creative work and your thoughts to the world with this Know Your Cean Category.

I am Very happy that i got this chance and you can find My KYCean Here.

Last but not Least There are also Some Entertaining Sections like Chit-Chat, Hobby Center and many more.

Not Only Vodafone is “Happy To Help” but here Every CEans are also very Friendly and Enthusiastic and Always Ready To Help whenever you need them.

Personally i feel like Home on CrazyEngineers. I have some new Friends from CE also like Gaurav, Sandy,  Mayurbhai, Ash, Prateek, SenthilKumar and many more.

Finally If you are an Engineer and have passion in your field or in engineering then you must have to register on CE-Forum at least you must have an account here on CE so Come’on Why are you waiting? JOIN US right now.

Visit: CE-Portal


PS:- Sorry if i forgot anyone or anything.


CEoM July ’09

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