Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol !!

22 12 2011


Mission Impossible-IV Ghost Protocol one of the most awaited movie of 2011.

🙂 🙂

N O  P L A N .  N O  B A C K U P .  N O  C H O I C E

Mission Impossible-4, Tom Cruise,Burj Khalifa,Anil Kapoor ALL IN ONE enough to make movie most awaiting.

This time not going to write about the movie story as its widely available on internet and its better that if you really want to read.

I wonder why Tom Cruise is not going to make remake of Running Man as i saw in most of his film he is running every-time after goons and agents like Collateral, MI-2, MI-3 and also in this Ghost Protocol. 😉

India traffic scene in this movie shows that why Hollywood movies are not going to shoot in India as there is no chance for Hero to get a Car chase. 😀

After seeing Tom Cruise’s Daud(Sanjay Datt Vala nahi) in this movie :- “TOM ko pakadana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai” 😛

Oh ! yeah i totally forgot,When Anil Kapoor asks to Paula :- “Kaisa Laga Mera Style”;)

She should reply:- “Jakkaas” 😛

Mumbaikar, Where is such Car-Parking? *Thinking* And in last scene where Agent Brandt goes to lift there is sign board in some south indian language *Eek* Shooting Mumbai ka hai ya Chennai ka. 😛

PS:- Because of lazyness this post spent their 3 days in Draft although its ready to publish. 😦

PS2:- Want to read one more interesting review of same movie? Visit MayurPathak’s Review It’s better than mine. 😀


Real Steel !!

12 10 2011

Like my this blog post after a long time we get a chance to watch a movie in a small cinema “Rajshree”. All Oldie cinema are being converted into Multiplex. Number of Multiplexes in a city are going to increased, also their tickets ;).

I come to know about this movie when i was with Mayur Pathak for “Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster” in INOX, and after that i was really waiting for the HUGH JACKMAN in Real Steel.

When we reached to cinema there was quite an interesting debate was running regarding HUGH JACKMAN, Some people are saying that, He is the Hero from X-Man and some are saying that He is from Iron Man. I thought let me interface in this so i pour my view and told them that he is Hero from movie” Sherlock Holmes” now matter becomes more complicated for them ;).

FYI:- He is HUGH JACKMAN from  X-Man. 😀

Well if we talked about movie its a one more action film by Jackman and story is running in future may be 2020.

Charlie(Jackman) is  playing a former boxer character and as they are in 2020 all the Boxers are replaced by Robots and Charlie is struggling to win a single game with his robot but he is not getting success until Charlie meets his son and spend some time with him and in that time they found one Old Generation ROBOT they called GEN-2 BOT. After that they take part in Boxing Contest together and finally Charlie and his ROBO gets some fame.

Story is very catchy and specially Dakota Goyo plays a character of  Max, Charlie’s Son makes this movie interesting by his dance with Atom(GEN2 BOT). As movie is full with action and Heavy ROBOT Fighting i think its a must watch movie totally Paisa Vasool(40 Rupee).

In the End Here is one more Poster from same movie


New Year Eve !!

2 01 2011

This post is all about our New Year’s Eve !

It was around 11.30 when we reach to room when most of the people are waiting for the new year celebration and then we had planned to arrange one show in our “Cinema Hall”.

Me and Sandip has started playing Chess after that. I rarely used to play chess and it was my first and last game for 2010 and as Sandip was hungry and he want to complete the dinner first I won that game. Wooohaa!!

PS:- That 50 Paisa Coin is “Pyada” 😉

First and Last Game of Mine in 2010 ! 🙂

Me and my Roommate Sandip was hungry and still we haven’t taken our dinner so at 11.50 we were ready for the dinner. “The Last Supper” of 2010 it was ! 😉

"The Last Supper" - 2010

After that we capture some pics as it was 1-1-11 and they are the very first photos of 2011 so memorable for whole year and many upcoming years. Here is one of them, My Roommate Sunny Khatri.


Sunny Khatri,Sunny

Sunny Khatri

There was loud noise of fireworks and DJs as the crazy people is enjoying their time and celebrating 2011. And on other side we had setup our Mini Cinema Hall and started movie “The Expendables”.


Our Cinema Hall. 😛


The Expendables

I was planning to write one separate post about this movie then i thought let me continue here. “The Expendables” is a multi-star Action pack movie and also Directed by Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts and Very Small appearance by Bruse Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger makes this movie more healthy. All these guys are heavy and body builder while Statham and Li leaves very smart impression. Statham is the most entertaining hero in this movie as there are some great stunts with Knife.

I have no more words to explain their stunts and actions but I’m sure that you will like this movie if you like the Action Movies, Stunts, Army,Guns and Bombs. Obviously because of such Action pack Star cast we have some more expectation but the direction is little-bit poor. I hop Stallone will learn a lot from this.

Jason Statham = “Paisa Vasool”

These was all about My New Year Eve ! 😛





Shutter Island !!

2 09 2010

My roommate Kunal come with one DVD of English movie so on that day we had set everything and started a movie Shutter Island Just because of Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic Vala Hero ;))  and this movie is really mind blasting as it has a very complicated story we all tried too hard to get it but was not able to do so….

Above all these thing this is the movie must watching as during whole movie you never get bored. Let me know if you get the stoty of this movie.


{MR} De Dana Dan !!

29 11 2009

De Dana Dan is really a de dhana dhan type movie.
Priyadarshan’s priya Akki,Suniel,Paresh Rawal,Asrani and Jony are in the lead roll.

This is the story of two Kangaal Friend Nitin(Akki) and Ram(Suniel) but fortunately they have rich girlfriends Kat and Sameera (Lucky Suniel and Akki).

Paresh Rawal the biggest fraud of Singapore (Like Ramalingam Raju 😉 ) and his son Chankey Pandey too. (Nice to see him after long time).

Akki and Ram decide to kidnap MULCHANDJI (Lovely Kutaa of Archana) to get some money from her and movie start with the same and yes in the Ramayana of getting this money, Ek ke bad ek entry of new actor causes confusion and misunderstanding between them. Neha Bhutia oops Dhupiya in short roll gives glamor and Asrani as “Mamu”(Don of Singapore) and Jony as “Peshavar Katil Kala” gives more fun to movie.

Oh i forgot you Aaau Lalita Fame ShaktiKapoor in Chaalu roll (as he is) and Master blaster Rajpal Yadav as a waiter of the hotel.

And as usuall typical priyadarshan’s film all character of the film get to gether at one place here Pan Pacific Hotel and Vahi Bhayankar Bhagdod, Funny fighting.

After all Movie is worth watching, full with Konfusion, Komedy and Misunderstanding.

Music is not too good. 😦

Cinematography awesome. 😀

My Rate: 3.5/5


{MR}Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani !!

8 11 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

I saw Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, first day last show at Krishna Cinema.

Ranbir gives another good movie after Wakeup Sid. APKGK is fully funny comedy movie. Ranbir plays role of PREM who runs a Happy Club in his town and always try to make people happy and also try to unite people who are in love. Ranbir see Katrina and fall in love but he has no dare to propose her. And as usual typical Bollywood movie there is love triangle Katrina loves Upen Patel, and Ranbir helps them to get united.

Nice cinematography of Ooty and Goa, Superb music by Pritam and you will enjoy each song of movie.

Movie Rating: 3/5

After this movie you will find one similarities in all Katrina Film. Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya, Namstey London, Humko Diwana Kar Gaye, Singh is King etc…. “In the climax of movie there is scenario of wedding and Katrina realize about the Hero and left groom !! 😉 “


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen!!

12 07 2009

Here is my first movie review and I want to share my opinion regarding this movie with you.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is the sequel movie.

Don’t know by which movie the sequel concept start but this a quite good way to get the publicity and public for the movie on base of first movie.

Many times sequel movie disappoints audience, but no worry you will not disappointed by this Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. 😉

Movie full with fight, Alien, Robots, cars, Action, comedy 😛 , Historical places, US army, Rockets, Bombs, Guns etc keeps you in seat.

My Rate: 4/5

Friends have you seen this movie?

Yeah….. Then please give your rating.

Not yet? Hey then Press Alt+F4. Book your ticket!!

Hey hey where you run away don’t forget to come back and Give your rating here. 😉


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