Rude Raj Thackeray !!

22 01 2010

Now Taxi Drivers are on target by MNS.

What the hell he is doing!!

Raj Thackeray is really Rude and on other hand Shivsena Sucks!!




8 responses

22 01 2010

The taxi drivers will soon have to face harrowing situation because of RAJ!

22 01 2010

kissing the dog.. thats what he is doing.. and obviously he smells.. so the dog turned his face away …

“No Thank You.. “…


22 01 2010

Ha ha now Dog has turned his phase and very soon people also going to turn their faces because of “Bakwaas of All Thackeray”

22 01 2010

Ha ha ha….

23 01 2010

Nice one ! I support you Country is more then state!!

11 02 2010
lav fanse

I support Raj Thackre All bhayyas are ******!

13 02 2010

So what other People think when you leave Maharashtra and Trying to be settle in other state?

13 02 2010

Good question Madhav?

@lav fanse: If you go and settle in another state and if those people treat you like the SS and MNS, how would you feel?

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