Happy Rakhi Day !!

24 08 2010

This post is dedicated to my Sister,

‘Shravan Purnima’ is celebrated as a Rakhi Day (Rakshabandhan) and this Rakhi is the symbol of love between Sister and Brother.

Here is one very famous Gujarati song

કોણ હલાવે લીંબડી ને કોણ ઝુલાવે પીપળી

ભાઇની બેની લાડકીને ભઇલો ઝુલાવે ડાળખી…

હે…લીંબડીની આજ ડાળ ઝુલાવે, લીંબોળી ઝોલા ખાય,

હીંચકો નાનો બેનનો એવો, આમ ઝુલણ્યો જાય,

લીંલુડી લીંબડી હેઠે, બેનીબા હિંચકે હીંચે… કોણ…

એ પંખીડા, પંખીડા, ઓરા આવો એ પંખીડા,

બેની મારી હીંચકે હીંચે, ડાળીઓ તું ઝુલાવ,

પંખીડા ડાળીએ બેસો, પોપટજી પ્રેમથી હીંચો… કોણ…

હે…આજ હીંચોડુ બેનડી, તારા હેત કહ્યા ના જાય,

મીઠડો વાયુ આજ બેની તારા હીંચકે બેસી જાય

કોયલ ને મોરલા બોલે, બેની નો હીંચકો ડોલે…

કોણ હલાવે લીંબડી ને કોણ ઝુલાવે પીપળી

ભાઇની બેની લાડકીને ભઇલો ઝુલાવે… બેનડી જુલે …ભઇલો ઝુલાવે ડાળખી઼


હે… આજ વીરો મારો લાવશે ભાગ …. મીઠાં ફળ લેશું ,

ભાઇ બેનીનાં હેતની આગળ, જગ આખું થશે દૂર..

વીરાંને રાખડી બાંધુ, વીરાંનાં મીઠડાં લેશું… કોણ હલાવે….લીંબડી..!



Use New Rupee Symbol with Keyboard !!

24 08 2010

Recently I received a mail in which they had given fonts by that we can use new Rupee symbol in our Word,Excel files. And i’m sharing that fonts with you friends.

1. So First of all download this Font to your PC/Laptop:-Download

2. Copy and Paste the attachment font file “Rupee_Foradian” to Start -> Settings -> Control panel -> Fonts

3. They Mapped grave acent symbol (~) with the New Rupee Symbol.

4. Open MS office file (word/excel/powerpoint) and Select “Rupee” Font and press the Key above TAB button.

And here is the outcome :-

Enjoy !!


Happy 64th Independence Day !!

15 08 2010

Today i’m in Bhavnagar so i am Celebrating Independence Day and give a Salute to “Tricolor” here at my school “Shree Swaminarayana Gurukul, Sardarnagar”. Where i learn the lesson of patriotism and  after 9 years i get chance to attend Independence Day Ceremony at School and remind my school days and a Special parade on Independence and Republic Day.

Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he
Tava shubha name jage,
Tava shubha asisa mage,
Gahe tava jaya gatha,
Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he!

Happy Independence Day!


Mobile Returns !!

15 08 2010

Finally After a week i get my cellphone back. Because of mobile tracker i got message on my friends cell and we call on that number and ask to return the phone but he refuse to do so. Then the word “POLICE” come to rescue and he agried to give it back.

Mobile Tracker is really good Facility. 🙂

– Madhav

Filmy Answer and Four Marks!!

12 08 2010

Movie Review:- Once Upon A Time In Mumbai !!

8 08 2010

Once upon a time i went for the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and here i am sharing the movie review i know that this is too late to post review but i like this movie very much so i think let me share this with my friends.

If you like Mafia,Mumbai,Underworld story than you must have to watch OUATIM (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai). As this movie is based on the story of Mafia Don Haji Mastan and Ajay Devgan playing his character( Gunda with Good Character).

After Company once again Ajay Devgan is best in the mafia character, and this movie has some special points to watch out like Dialogue from Kangana,Ajay and Emraan, Songs and Specially Pee Loon, Prachi in 1970 fashion, and above all this Ajay Devgan’s expression from his eye.

In this movie they had combine Action and Emotion very well.

Overall Ajay Devgan Rocks in this movie.


Cric Joke !!

6 08 2010

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