22 01 2010

Always whenever there is any thing related to India-Pakistan come to news it becomes burning Question and debate for people.

Recently No one Buy Pakistan Cricketer in IPL snub auction and Pakistani Cricketer get angry even they are forcing Pakistan Hockey team to do not play Hockey WorldCup in India. Whatever this is but this is not fair demand you can check out this POST from My Friend Mayur Pathak, He has posted good Comments on Pakistani Players.

Whenever there is any match between India and Pakistan it is worth like WAR. People are more interested in India-Pakistan match as compare to other matches. And if it is WorldCup then if India lost match against Kenya or any other weak them then they have no that much anger but if India lost match against Pakistan then there is hot situation which is very difficult to handle.

I know this passion makes cricket much interesting but its not good that you take Sport Match as a War and everytimes thinking of Revenge!.

Lets See what happens tomorrow in Under-19 World Cup as there is Quarter Final between India-Pakistan .

India lost only one match against England in Group Match.

Come on Boys “Chak de India” and Bring the World cup again.





3 responses

22 01 2010

Good One…

23 01 2010

Nice attitude toward Pakis but when you will get real time experience with them (specially some of rude people) then you will not have this view of them .I support India!!

13 06 2010
Sourav Roy

Excellent article! Would like to read more of your posts 🙂
I have recently written a series of articles that might interest you. Read in order-

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