#WillYouShave ? Have a look at my experiance and say !

30 11 2014

During college days and sometimes even after that we used to underestimate our look and never give that much attention to our beard.

Here I would like to share one indecent that happened with me during my college days.

There was holiday before our 7th sem exam and I used to stay at my collage location instead of home so I can make good preparation for exam with my room-mates and during that time there is no body who points you to wake-up at the time get breakfast,lunch and dinner at time and of-course there is no mom who pushes me for the shaving.

We used to call our group “Baava Group”  because of long beard almost 2-2.5 weeks of no shaving.

Few days before exam I got a call from our faculty and they called me to the college for some urgent work so I went to college and I see there are almost 15-20 students from all the branch were there and my faculty was explaining the reason why they called us to the college and said that we all 15-20 students were the top performer during the Seminar we give during middle of 7th semester and they want us to visit the tech-fest at IIT-K and I was one of the best from EC branch so it was great opportunity to represent college there.

Once my faculty finish the speech he called all of us one by one and asked to give a short speed about our topic and submit our presentation next day. After that they are going to finalize 5 students who is going to get chance to visit IIT-K.

After we all finish the demo presentation and that too without much preparation there was the result time and my name was not there in list. I thought I might not have given my best and I was OK with the faculty team decision.

But, I realize the importance of shaving at the time when I left college and came back to room I got from my faculty who was also my guide during my final semester. He told me just because of your look (yeah long baava beard) all faculty team gave me less points and I lost that chance.

I learnt one lesson at that time is never underestimate your face and shaving only takes few mins then why can’t you spare that few mins at regular time interval?

Also let me share my current shaving weapon:-

My Current Shaving Weapon !

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RF Modem !!

24 03 2012

I have designed RF Modem or you can say simply RF Bridge. If you are using Serial wire communication and stuck with long wire connections then RF Bridge is the solution.

RF Bridge

RF_Bridge | RF MODEM

  1. It has RFM22B RF Module and works on 433Mhz Frequency Band.
  2. Transceiver with Half Duplex Mode.
  3. Programmable Baudrate and Frequency Channel.
  4. Compatible with RS232 Logic Level.
  5. Provides DB9 Connector to direct interface with PC.
  6. Internal CRC Checking.
  7. Power Supply and Transmission-Reception LED indication.
  8. Works on +5Volt DC Supply.
  9. With 433Mhz Antenna.
  10. 150-200 mt Tested Range.
  11. Cost:- INR 950 /-

Range is subject to Obstacle and type of Obstacle Its Range can be degrade based on Obstacle.

RF Remote for Dimming Load !!

10 10 2011

Am I back to Blogging ??

I was busy with Office work and even i used to read very few blogs but now i have started reading blogs and also planing to come back in Blog world.

Here is the first post after a loooooooong time, and i think first technical post i think !

I have prepared one video which shows the demo of project “RF Remote for Dimming Load”.

RF Remote was my section and for dimming the load i have used the circuit prepared by Hardik Sharma.





Nashik Trip !!

29 01 2011

Few days back i have to go Nashik for one Company project and it was only Third time i am out of Gujarat state so there was some excitement and some irritating as i had worked continuously on Saturday and Sunday and right after that traveling for whole night. 😦

There was in Nashik for Two days but didn’t get time to visit Nashik as our Room was in AMBAD MIDC and we have to work there. In those days Nashik was covered with SHIVSENA fever as there was Birthday of Shivsena Suprimo “Bal Thackeray” and there was banner at every corner and circle to wish him Happy Birthday.

Here are two Pics from that trip.


Happy Birthday “Bal”

Whats there written on Banner?


From Backseat of Bike





New Jacket !!

27 01 2011

This post is for Thurday Challange :- COLD (Ice, Snow, Windy, Beverage, Food, Ice Cream, Cold Weather Clothing,…)

New Jacket that i get from my Company

New Jacket






Mobile Returns !!

15 08 2010

Finally After a week i get my cellphone back. Because of mobile tracker i got message on my friends cell and we call on that number and ask to return the phone but he refuse to do so. Then the word “POLICE” come to rescue and he agried to give it back.

Mobile Tracker is really good Facility. 🙂

– Madhav

Sleepless Two Days !

27 07 2010

Right now i am suffering from Headache and Body Pain as my past two days are very tough.

Sunday Morning was very pleasant for me, Wake-up early at 11AM and tun-on TV.

Then i got call that we have to leave for SURAT on Monday Morning and also have to submit 25 Modules for the demo to our one customer and the count down begins.

We receive PCB at 6.00PM  on urgent base and do soldering till 3.30AM and after that some testing and the time was 5.00AM so no time for Sleeping.

We leave for Surat and fortunately !! the Modules are not working so full day R & D on the project and on Monday 12.30AM we left for the Vadodara.

Thanks to ST BUS because of it we are not slept well and as the result….Right now i am suffering from Headache and Body Pain.


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