RF Modem !!

24 03 2012

I have designed RF Modem or you can say simply RF Bridge. If you are using Serial wire communication and stuck with long wire connections then RF Bridge is the solution.

RF Bridge

RF_Bridge | RF MODEM

  1. It has RFM22B RF Module and works on 433Mhz Frequency Band.
  2. Transceiver with Half Duplex Mode.
  3. Programmable Baudrate and Frequency Channel.
  4. Compatible with RS232 Logic Level.
  5. Provides DB9 Connector to direct interface with PC.
  6. Internal CRC Checking.
  7. Power Supply and Transmission-Reception LED indication.
  8. Works on +5Volt DC Supply.
  9. With 433Mhz Antenna.
  10. 150-200 mt Tested Range.
  11. Cost:- INR 950 /-

Range is subject to Obstacle and type of Obstacle Its Range can be degrade based on Obstacle.



6 responses

24 03 2012
24 03 2012
Bikramjit Singh Mann

Sir ji busy busy you have been… All the best..

2 06 2012
Harshad / Madhav

Yeah brother busy with job and all so not able to update bloh.

1 02 2013

Your blog is informative and helpful for student.

1 02 2013
Harshad / Madhav

Thank you keyur

4 10 2013
ગોદડિયો ચોરો…

મેજિક એટલે માધવભાઇનો જ

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