RF Remote for Dimming Load !!

10 10 2011

Am I back to Blogging ??

I was busy with Office work and even i used to read very few blogs but now i have started reading blogs and also planing to come back in Blog world.

Here is the first post after a loooooooong time, and i think first technical post i think !

I have prepared one video which shows the demo of project “RF Remote for Dimming Load”.

RF Remote was my section and for dimming the load i have used the circuit prepared by Hardik Sharma.








5 responses

10 10 2011

Good Good. I understand nothing of the topic. But I’m glad to see you are back in action 🙂

10 10 2011
વિવેક દોશી

wel come back to world of blog

10 10 2011

wah wah a post from you after ages 🙂 good ot see you blogging again

11 10 2011
Harshad / Madhav

Thank you Mayur,Vivek and Bikram BHAI(Its for all of you).

@Mayur Pathak:- video Dekhke bhi nahi samaj me aaya kuchh?

Will try my best to be active as i was. 😀

16 04 2013
Vinit Shrivastava

what is your contact no.?

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