BCCI Begins !!

14 02 2011

Hi Friends,

Me and My Bloggar Friend Mayur Pathak have started a blog cricket championship. The url is http://howzzthat.wordpress.com/ . It is similar to any fantasy cricket tournament available online. However the difference is that the organisers this time are your friends. And I’m making a same appeal to my friends to help me popularise it. 🙂

How can you help? By one or more of the following ways-

  1. Submit a team yourself
  2. Write a post about it on your blog.
  3. Post as a facebook, orkut, buzz etc status message.
  4. Tweet
  5. Recommend people to join in.
  6. Find us a sponsor
  7. Any other way…

I look forward to your participation and thanks in advance for the help.




5 responses

14 02 2011

excellent i will be there

14 02 2011
Harshad / Madhav

Sure Bikram,
Waiting for your Team and Bikramji please post this on your Blog too.

15 02 2011

Nice idea… But cricket and me, not possible 😀

15 02 2011
Harshad / Madhav

No Problem Tanishka,
You can forward this Post to your Cricket fan Friends. 😛

16 02 2011
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