Thursday Challenge: WEATHER !!

25 11 2010

Thursday Challenge –  “WEATHER” (Snow, Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Lightening, Rainbow, Tornado,…)


Our farm…







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25 11 2010
મુર્તઝા પટેલ

ફૂલ કહે ભમરાને, ભમરો વાત વહે ગુંજનમાં:
પણ લ્યા ભ’ઈ ‘માધવ’ તો ક્યાંય નથી મધુવનમાં?

25 11 2010

yayyyyyyyyy now what can beat that THE FARM …

as the gurdas maan song goes

Apna punjab hove
Daan wala manja hove
manje uthe baitha JAT
baniye nawaab hove …

means nothing can beat the charm of ones own city, place, hosue and farmmmmmmmmm nice one ..


26 11 2010

good one

26 11 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Thanks Manav!

26 11 2010

Wow that looks nice.

Also you’ve been tagged on my blog. Check it out.

26 11 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Thanks Enigma,

Sure i will write one post on this tag. Thanks for the Tag.

27 11 2010
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27 11 2010

beautiful…mitti ki khusbhu fail gayi

27 11 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Thank you Rohiniji.

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