Invitation to all Engineers !!

24 11 2010

Since i had started net surfing i used be member at different forums and i was on almost forum like Chit-chat, Entertainment, Software and etc forum but then i come to know about the forum specially dedicated to Engineers named as CrazyEngineers.

I joined that forum on August 2008 and still i really like to be active there and be a part of that forum as an Engineer i really feel proud to be member of such great forum. And this is the one of the best forum where i want to be active forever.

On 26th November CrazyEngineers is celebrating its 5th Birthday so i am inviting you all my Engineer friends to be online on 5-6 PM IST on 26th Nov.
Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the great forum for Engineer.

If you are not a member of CE then you please make your account there and log-in.

visit this link:








9 responses

24 11 2010
24 11 2010
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24 11 2010
The Big K

Great going! Let’s hope to have as many CEans as we can!

24 11 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Yes Biggie i am trying my best !
CE Rocks !!

24 11 2010
હિરેન બારભાયા

You can count me!!! I have sign up… 😉

25 11 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Thanks Hirebhai,

Looking forward to see you active there.

25 11 2010

This is great! 🙂

26 11 2010


26 11 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Don’t Miss that Brother !

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