Rare Roar of Lion !!

14 10 2010

After winning second test match against Australia, India clinch the series win by 2-0 it was the white-wash for Aussey and victory after 15 years on Chinnaswamy Stadium.

After winning the match there was something different mood for Sachin, Normally he is very quite after winning match or scoring 50/100 but this time he was very happy and here is the Rare Roar from the Lion of Cricket. When i saw this moment on TV i thought that tomorrow many of the newspaper will publish this photo of Sachin but i thought why not i? And here it is.


Source: Cricinfo


Punter after losing his 14th Test game as a Captain.


Source: Cricinfo


Naughty Naughty Kya Match aayi.


Source: Cricinfo









7 responses

15 10 2010
Gaurav Sharma

Nice pic buddy..Punter seems very disappointed..:)

15 10 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Yep, Mahi’s team shows him that India is the Number 1.

15 10 2010

YEssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss bad we cud not win hockey it wud have bee n awesome … but THE GOD SACHIN is greattttttttttttt

15 10 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Humm Bikram,

As we lost by 8-0 thats very bad !! 😦
no problem as in Cricket there was White-Wash !! 🙂

16 10 2010

Nice one yaar….

I Love my India….!!!

19 10 2010

sachin is grt….but the prob is when gets bold on duck..we only criticse him…and when he hits century..we praise him like a god…dual standards are not aceptable..

19 10 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Yes agree with you Rohini !!

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