Award:- Komment King !!

18 09 2010

Hello Friends,

This award is not for me but i had designed this Award to give away to my friends you find many blogs with great posts and there is lot of comments on that post. This is the small compliment from me to my blogger friends.

Komment King


So i know one blogger who is very popular and have huge number of readers and they are always ready to appreciate his post and discuss with him regarding that post and his most of post crossed the 30-50 Comments.

And His Name is Bikram and i am giving this Komment King Award to Bikram and also request him to give award if he knows any blogger who is elligible for such award.

PS:- I had designed this image so please suggest me if i can make this Award more attractive.







6 responses

18 09 2010

Thank you so much madhav for the award. Always greedy me. Thank you.

18 09 2010
Madhav / Harshad

You deserve it brother. 😉

18 09 2010
Sahithi Pallavi

Congrats Bikram!!
And nice image.

19 09 2010

hey thats beautiful…,.and yes bikram deserve it for sure///cngrts Bikram …:)
and cngrts Madhav for such a nice award invention…its nice…

20 09 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Hey Rohini Thanks and you are most welcome.. let me know if you want to create any like this. i will design the image for that.

22 09 2010

hey that will be grt…i m happy thnx…:)

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