Sunday For Social Networking Sites !!

12 09 2010

After a long time i am surfing on FB and Orkut from last 3 hours…. So there are lot of Comments on friends Status and Photos, Scraps,Community replies and chatting with friends.

This Sunday is for Social Networking Site (Orkut and FB).




4 responses

12 09 2010
Sahithi Pallavi

We don’t know the time while surfing them. It takes hours & hours…
A Nice way to keep in touch with our friends..

12 09 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Yes you are right.. in earlier days i was always be online on mobile.

18 09 2010

I think Orkut has lost the Fan Following now…
The new version is very very poor in graphics and not user friendly. It takes long hours to load and open our home page…
On the other hand, I think Facebook is awesome.. Not only it is very user friendly, it has many applications and many extra features that makes is more superior than Orkut..!! I’ve reduced the use of Orkut, just check it so see if any important scrap of any friend or so…

18 09 2010
Madhav / Harshad

Jitu you moved to FB and then after Rajdeep also.. so i too shifted to FB. šŸ˜‰

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