Teachers Day !!

6 09 2010

Today 5th Sept is celebrated as a Teachers Day in India in the memory of our first President and all time Teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

One Quote by Chankya:- “Pralay Aur Nirman Shikshak ki God me Palate hai”

I remember once i used to be teacher on the celebration of Teachers Day in school time and i was teaching Science or Social Study. Today i though let me remind my all the teachers here is the list of some of my favorites, They are my favourites as i like to attend their classes and their way to teach.

BalMandir ( KG):- Meena Ben.

School:- Merabhai Bharwad, Pankaj Sir, Dobariya Sir, Paresh Sir, Godhani Sir, Kapil Sir and Principle Velajibhai Kankotiya.

High School:- Nirav Sir, Gita Ben, Umang Sir, Rajubhai, Beladiya Sir, Ramdevbhai, Sharad Vyas.

I want to say thanks to all these teachers for their guidance,caring and sometimes very angry nature, for their great support and Here I am wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day.








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