Gujarat Golden Jublie !!

1 05 2010

Entire Gujarat is a buzz with enthusiasm, joy and sense of pride today.

You found every Gujarati people in chanting –Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat. The aura of pulse throbbing Jaynad is renting the air.

Hon’ble CM’s message on Gujarat Golden Jublie

We are celebrating the State’s formation day from years, but this time is a different story. We have completed 50 years as a State and this Golden Jubilee is the time to introspect. At the time when we are talking about growth, we should also remember the ones who sacrificed their life for the cause of State. Maha-Gujarat movement took lives of many youths. It was a show of immense power of the people. People from over villages were locked in the jails. Gujarat wanted to grow on its own and people had doubt whether a barren State with salty water and insufficient infrastructure could ever flourish or not? Many raised such questions and gave their negative views. With the hard-work of five decades people of Gujarat have proved their metal. Today Gujarat is among the top States in counts of development and still marching towards new heights of development.

My dear brother and sisters, we have a history to feel proud for. World has seen our strength to come out of any difficulties. We are renowned for our ability to convert odds into opportunities. To me, this is the time to owe our success to all those known and unknown who has earned us such strength and status. Past generation has given us Gujarat and we should hand over Paramount Gujarat to future generations, such should be our pledges in this time. Let’s achieve more in coming years, more than what we have achieved during last 50 years. Taking such vows is the real meaning of Swarnim-Jyanti. Along with Mahatama Gandhi, Saradar Patel, Ravishankar Maharaj, Induchacha, there are many more people who have contributed.

There is no such area where Gujarat has not made its mark, be it art, literature or science. Poorest man in the State also has his contribution in our growth track. We can not forget a single one. Everybody has contributed. I acknowledge everybodys contribution. Living and deceased, to all I bow with respect.

We want to march forward. And march forward together. I will keep on my efforts to walk together. Whatever will come, I’ll endure, but I will take everyone together on the road of development. I need your blessings. I need the blessings of 5.5 cr people of Gujarat. I need the blessings of Gujarati people from across the world. I need blessings of all those who loves Gujarat. Let us all make efforts to give our best.

I have asked people to donate their time. I have asked them to participate in Vanche Gujarat movement. I have asked them to earn fame for Gujarat through Khelkud Mahakumbh. Let us begin from 1st May. I have talked a lot about pledges. And pledges have started giving fruits also. Now, we want to march forward with more power and strength. Let us grow further with united chanting of Jay Jay Swarnim Gujarat. I invite all my people of State to join this journey of growth. Let us take a step forward in direction of a peaceful and prosperous Gujarat.

Courage is the identity of Gujarati people and we should take this identity in our journey of growth. Let us unite together with all our strength for a luminous future of our State. Once again.Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.Jay Jay Swarnim Gujarat.

Source: Desh Gujarat.

-જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત!




3 responses

1 05 2010

Congratulations to the people of Gujrat. May it grow to further propsperity. Gujrat is one of the fastest growing states of India and others can take lessons from it.

2 05 2010

Hay !! Aapru gujrat !! I still remember ..the poem which was thought me in gujrat of ” Jay jay garvi gujrat ni “”
and miss poet Javer chand meghani ‘s poem love him he is like shakesper to english .

3 05 2010


Maharashtra also turned 50.

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