Happy Birthday to My PC!

16 01 2010

On this Makar Sankrat My PC has completed 3 years and now i am planing to update its RAM to 1 GB/2 GB. and HDD to 180 GB.

Now its time for the review of Kite Flying Day!

… and it was also full with accident i saw one kid fall from 2nd floor who is running behind kite, one Bike Rider going on full speed lost his ear cause of thread. I also saw many people using CHINA thread although government had banned it. 😦 ( Who cares? )

And the day after Sankrat.. Vaasi Utarayan and also Solar Eclips.. Have you seen it? “oh then you must going to lost your eyes” This was the Free advise from our neighbour Daadi.





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16 01 2010

Ya… u r right..
That kind of advices are free of charge… and u get it any where and any time…
yesterday… i was on teres… and me and my sis were busy with kites… my one relative came and told me.. “what had u studied?” i replied “kaka.. Electronics & Communication”…
Than he replied with hope less smile on his face… “pati gyu taru… EC vala ne to bhagwan j bachave…”

Salao santi thi patang pan chagava nathi deta… tya avine advise jiki didhi..

16 01 2010

lolz i bet at that time Taro face jova jevo hot.. 😉

16 01 2010

Upgrading your PC, thats great!

So many people are injured on Makar sankrant. Its really sad.

17 01 2010

@ Priyank avi advices to mala karay par many times aapray ignore kariaychiay parntu pachi koi ghtna Ghatay to aaprnay aemni advices yaad avay!!

@ Harshad bhai !! mara gharma badhaeayj joyou solar eclips xray thi parntu hu sui gayo !! so I missed it..

Patang hu bahu miss kruchu!! when I called surat on same utran day my big sister and jiju were on terese ..since morning!!

18 01 2010

So you missed both Utarayan and Suryagrahan. 😦

19 01 2010

Buddy, be careful when you buy computer parts. Avoid chinese goods.

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