Photoshop-3 !!

25 12 2009

Click here for Large View

This time i create a banner for Good Gaurav’s Blog. Please share your Comments.

Some small art.





9 responses

25 12 2009

Thanks buddy!

You Rock!

25 12 2009

Let me know if there is any change.

26 12 2009

Excellent Banner Dude….

26 12 2009


26 12 2009

nice banner Madhav… you seem to b the one stop shop for all photoshop solutions 🙂

27 12 2009

Awesome bro!! become free time painter you got value why don’t you join designing icon. (advertising) company !! if you come to KSA u gonna get large money with more improvement!! well i am not inviting you but i am telling market condition.

27 12 2009

ok i am coming to KSA after my BE. 😉

15 02 2011
ડો. કિશોરભાઈ એમ. પટેલ

શ્રી. હર્ષદભાઈ

ખુબ જ સરસ છે. ભાઈ

15 02 2011
Harshad / Madhav

પ્રતિભાવ બદલ આભાર શ્રી કિશોરભાઈ,
માર્ગદર્શન આપતા રેહશો.

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