{MR} De Dana Dan !!

29 11 2009

De Dana Dan is really a de dhana dhan type movie.
Priyadarshan’s priya Akki,Suniel,Paresh Rawal,Asrani and Jony are in the lead roll.

This is the story of two Kangaal Friend Nitin(Akki) and Ram(Suniel) but fortunately they have rich girlfriends Kat and Sameera (Lucky Suniel and Akki).

Paresh Rawal the biggest fraud of Singapore (Like Ramalingam Raju 😉 ) and his son Chankey Pandey too. (Nice to see him after long time).

Akki and Ram decide to kidnap MULCHANDJI (Lovely Kutaa of Archana) to get some money from her and movie start with the same and yes in the Ramayana of getting this money, Ek ke bad ek entry of new actor causes confusion and misunderstanding between them. Neha Bhutia oops Dhupiya in short roll gives glamor and Asrani as “Mamu”(Don of Singapore) and Jony as “Peshavar Katil Kala” gives more fun to movie.

Oh i forgot you Aaau Lalita Fame ShaktiKapoor in Chaalu roll (as he is) and Master blaster Rajpal Yadav as a waiter of the hotel.

And as usuall typical priyadarshan’s film all character of the film get to gether at one place here Pan Pacific Hotel and Vahi Bhayankar Bhagdod, Funny fighting.

After all Movie is worth watching, full with Konfusion, Komedy and Misunderstanding.

Music is not too good. 😦

Cinematography awesome. 😀

My Rate: 3.5/5




3 responses

4 12 2009

Good review!

16 12 2009

Good to see the review. Other than my own review I found everybody else bashing the movie.

24 12 2009

Thanks for visiting my Blog Sapana

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