Mera Mobile !!

20 11 2009

My first mobile phone ( also most successful model of Nokia) Nokia 1100.

Used: More than 360 Hours.

Then i gave it to my papa and waited for 6-7 moths after that got Nokia 2626.

Dec 2008,At that time 2626 was the best model, so i took it main reason was it has awesome and robust keypad.

Used: 143 Hours


Sent SMS: 9012

Received SMS: 13204

(Thank you Keypad!!) πŸ˜‰

Now I’m planning to buy new mobile which has good camara and Music facility. Right now my eyes are on Nokia 5130 Music express. Budget is 5K-6K.

friends let me know if there is any good model with basic facility like Good camera(2 MP) and Music.

PS: Finally i got Nokia 6303 Classic Silver Color with 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera. Thanks G Sharma for suggesting me this phone.




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21 11 2009

Your all cellphones are awosome my first cellphone was older then your one now I am having 6010(bas waat anay sms thaichay nay to pachi su joe chay) and Iphone chines version ( which I don’t like ).

25 11 2009

Vaat ane sms bej kam hoy 6. Ato thodo saro camera hoy to phota padvani maja ave.

22 11 2009

so much free publicty for nokia..they shud gift u a mobile now:)

25 11 2009

Yeah i don’t want new mobile just give me bluetooth. πŸ˜‰

25 11 2009

Mari jaemaj.!! soch chay tamari !!.aa atlamaty k jo apray kahi jaiyae to aaprnay ae yad rakhwa matay kam away jo photo padyo hoy to.

27 11 2009

Hey Dude cool phone…;)

28 11 2009

Yes that was your suggestion bro. πŸ˜‰

22 03 2010

I am enjoying my nokia 7210supernova. It’s cool…..

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