Happy Birthday Papa !!

31 10 2009

“A person who tries to make his unsuccessful dreams to be a successful one in your life, behind our every cheers will be his tears”

HaPpy Birthday to My Dear Father.




9 responses

31 10 2009

I always get into argument with my father whenever we talk. But I still like him for what he is and what he did for us. He is one of the three peoples in my life I can’t live without.

My wishes to your father on his Birthday. 🙂

1 11 2009

Happy Birthday to your Dad.

1 11 2009

Thank you Guttu and Gaurav

3 11 2009

Oh… i m late…

Happy Birthday to Uncle… Be lated..

4 11 2009

belated happy birthday wishes to your father

6 11 2009

sorry GF me too late but I too wishing your dad Happy birthday.
we say in arabic “tal umrak” means “may allah increas your age”.tell this on behalf of me.

6 11 2009

Thanks Safwan… i will start class for learning arabic from you. 😉

10 11 2009

no problem when i ll come to india soon after my bord exames its may be after march so ill teach you no problem.

8 11 2009

Belated wishes to uncle from my side as well


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