No Fireworks this Diwali !!

14 10 2009

fireworks-no In this Diwali i request to all my friends that Please “Say NO to Fireworks.”

I know that Diwali is the festival of light but the use of Bombs, Rockets and many fireworks results into Noise polution, Air Polution and accidents. The number of accidents due to Rocket use in Diwali is not small.

There are so many examples that children got Deaf, Loss their Hands.

So Please Join me and Say NO to FIREWORKS”

I wish all my Friends (Readrs 😉 ) Have a Happy and Safe Diwali.





12 responses

14 10 2009

MadhaV i had joined and i say NO to FIREWORKS. 🙂

14 10 2009

We should be concerned about the nature. Everybody knows about the fact, but still most of them ignore them.
I am with you, No fireworks this Diwali.

17 10 2009

You are really social worker !! I support you.

18 10 2009

I support You. buddy.

19 10 2009

oh and madhav u forgot to add… ppl with asthma and other breathing problems suffer a lot too… !

21 10 2009

Thank you friends for your support.

21 10 2009

Wow! Madhav you have stirred quite a movement here! yeah, no fireworks this diwali only eco-friendly earthen lamps and candles 🙂 and ofcourse loads of Mithai!

21 10 2009

Yeah at my home i got some good start i had requested to my neighbor for NO FIREWORKS and they too support me.. and now i think i can do some ECO-FRIENDLY movement for Patty’s “New Bloom” too.

21 10 2009

Pats will be happy to know that we got another volunteer :).. please join up!

21 10 2009

You too Volunteer for “New Bloom”? i had also worked for NB for making its logo. 😉

21 10 2009

Good show Madhav 🙂

23 10 2009

We always celebrate Diwali without any fireworks. Though personally I feel there is nothing wrong in using some. And most of the time we smoke our money which is bad. I am not completely with “No Fireworks” movement but definitely the use should be reduced.

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