Sharp Your Brain!!

11 07 2009

I received a mail from Riyaz Kesarani.

in that mail there is one link given and we have to passed all 23 Stages Step by step with the given clue.

i had cracked that Puzzle with the help of Riyaz, now here is the same Puzzle for you people. šŸ™‚

Just click on this link below and use your common sense to navigate.

it has 23 pages one after the other, starting from this 1st page.

This trick is to find a way to go to the next page.If you can really go to the 23rd page you are a genius in your own respect šŸ™‚

So Best of luck and keep clicking. šŸ˜€

PS: Be Honest try to solve by yourself only no Googling. šŸ˜›





4 responses

11 07 2009

Hey Godfather, nice blog!! Try this for size, its by one of my super juniors …

11 07 2009

Thanks for the link and Comment šŸ™‚

11 07 2009

Nice blog man!

14 07 2009

Hay i got till 5 you know how?? i just enterd into lunarpage (ithin if i am ryt) i just opwnd it with googel chrom.

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