Exam T-20!!

8 07 2009

i read this topic on Crazyengineers. The Poster was Safwaan.

I found this one very funny have a look on it. 😉

T-20 make Cricket very exciting and popular..how if the same format will be applied for the exam to make it interesting!!

there are some suggestions:

1. Reduce exam duration to 1 hr and marks to 50.

2. Introduce strategic break after 30 minutes.

3. Give free hit, that is a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers.

4. 1st 15 minutes power play, that is no invigilator in the exam hall.

5. Introduce fair play awards.

6.Cheer girls to cheer for every correct answer written!





6 responses

8 07 2009

ya rule dekh kar tu mara bhi study chalo karay ka maan hoo raha hay

8 07 2009

is this Safwaan’s Creation?

8 07 2009

nice man!!
i loved the banner!

8 07 2009

@Roseboy… Yes that post was of Safwan
@Akshay…. Thanks

8 07 2009

hmm nice one bro 🙂

26 07 2009

What if they make a format for test matches? 😉

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